25watt or 40watt power supply?

May 22, 2010
Columbiana County, Ohio
I have a customer that needs a power supply for his star mini strobe lightbar ... they come with a 40 watt power supply from the factory.

I found someone on here that is selling a sound off 25 watt power supply.

The lightbar will be used for snow plowing truck.

So my question is ... is there a real diffrence in 20 watts per head vs 12.5 ?

If anyone has a 40watt'er that will fit in a mini bar let me know ASAP !

Just needing advice !

Lt. Dino

May 24, 2010
Georgetown, USA
I can't comment on the difference in supplies for a lightbar, but I will comment on the difference between 20 w vs. 12.5 w per head. I have 4 HAWs in the rear of my Charger. I originally had a 6 head/60 watt supply. I opted to try a 4 head/90 watt Nova power supply I had. It's night and day with more power.


May 22, 2010
long island new york
a 40 watt power supply driving two 22.5 watt flash tubes wil;l deliver 20 watts to each. sho-me makes one with a small footprint that should fit. so yes 20 is much better then 12.
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Jul 4, 2010
Babylon, NY
Pimp did a comparison video of 15 vs 20.5 a while ago, although I'm not seeing it on YouTube. During the day there is a big difference.

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