4" ground light


Jun 23, 2010
Sherwood, AR
We're looking to upgrade my paid department's first out engine's ground lighting from halo to LED. Have looked around and seen two different style of LEDs: the LED that stuffed with 5mm LEDs and then another lighthead with bigger style LEDs (some varying as far as number). Here's my questions:

Has anybody used both styles? If so, how was the difference in performance?

Shopping around with basic internet searching has been a PITA. I've found a few lightheads, but not a ton. Any places you guys would recommend? Doesn't have to be blinky only stores, as I've seen them on automotive sites, marine sites, etc.

So long as it's 4", think a non-Truck Lite fit in a housing made by Truck Lite, or does somebody know if they do something particular to their lights and/or housings to prevent this?

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