4th of July parade apparatus Pics/Vid

DaveCN5 said:
I think that should be Tower-26, not a Ladder, but that's just my thought. And whose the blonde??? :lol:

Not sure why it's not a "Tower". It was the only platform in the county until recently. We run lots of mutual aid calls in it.

The blonde is one of our junior members gf (the kid on the back of the ladder). He's too new to know better than to bring his gf around the fire dept :lol:
Nice looking Pierce's there. Probies they'll learn one day.

I didn't get any pics of our parade I wound up haveing to go to a cardiac arrest of a boy scout leader who was walking in the parade with his troup. Did get to stop the parade though when I broke out with E2 and went around the parade blarrin the Q.

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