5/6 New Whelen Ion T Linear lightheads failed on new FD vehicle

At my FD we recently purchased a new brush truck. It came with 4 Ion T lightheads in the grill and one on each side mounted to the body for intersection coverage for a total of 6 lights. After a couple months 5 out of the 6 lightheads had significant cracks in the lenses and some lenses are completely missing large pieces. The 6th lighthead is now showing some small cracks that I assume will grow like the rest. The lights have not been hit by anything and they were installed by the vehicle manufacturer's upfitter. Upon delivery the lights also immediately began filling with moisture. None of the lights themselves have failed to flash yet but I bet they will soon. Has anyone else had this problem? Is there a different lighthead we could purchase that would fit into the same holes and not give us the same problems?

As a side note I am disappointed in these lights in general. They are flimsy, seem poorly built, and really aren't very bright compared to other Whelen models. I don't think they stand up to the quality f everything else Whelen has made.



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Wow that's bad... Maybe something happened in production where the plastic didn't fully cure? I'd call your upfitter and have them swapped out ASAP and then they can figure out the rest with Whelen

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