900 and other size Split light heads

zack A

May 24, 2010
Ok here is the deal, our center strobe on out trucks have preemption powersupplies. They were bought from ***************** and most are just the power supply using the existing strobe. I need to find a 900 size light that has split sections either strobes or twist lock holes so I can put the normal strobe on top and the preemption on the bottom.

The reason we are doing this is because we only have 1 light in town that is controlled. We are going to set them up on a timer to cut off after a certain amount of time but we still want the normal strobe to work.

The other problem is one of the truck's is full 900 Super LED's do they make a split LED and Strobe combo weather it be Gen 1 or Gen 3.

We also have two trucks that have the Edge style flush light bars, I was thinking a "dual section" reflector with regular strobe on one side and preemption on the other.

Does anyone make the style of light head we need. I know Whelen has custom made stuff that is not listed on the website we might be able to get.


May 7, 2010
Northwest Ohio
Tomar makes a dual strobe 9x7 light......

It might be easier and cheaper just to add a 7x3 stand alone strobe for preemption

Lt. Dino

May 24, 2010
Georgetown, USA
One of the private ambulance services in our area used to drill a HAW strobe tube in into the reflector of one of the clear 900 series halogen fixture and used it as their pre-emption, so the halogen light flashed as normal and they didn't have to add another light head for the preemption. Not sure how well it worked though.

*Edit: In thinking about it, it probably worked because they did it to multiple trucks.

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