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Oct 28, 2010
Police Fire EMS Security Auctions

The vast majority of items auctioned by 911Auctions.com derive from law enforcement agencies and other public municipalities. With few exceptions, we physically pick-up the goods and transport them into our facilities. We then inspect the goods and make them ready for auction. Lastly, we tightly control the listing content, auction process and fulfillment of each item.

At 911Auctions, we consider it our mission to create and maintain a Fraud Free online marketplace. To that end, we go to great extent to provide you with a secure and reliable experience. We uniquely possess expertise in both law enforcement and ecommerce security. When doing business with 911Auctions, you can trust in every transaction and communication. Consider yourself safe with us.

Trusted Merchants

In addition to law enforcement auctions, we allow trusted merchants to sell related items on 911Auctions. Like our employees, our merchants must undergo background checks which include seller history, financial and criminal background, and a support system review. We hold our Trusted Merchants accountable for our promise to you and we demand superior customer support.

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