A tribute to siren related hearing damage; the "all speaker" mini advantedge


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May 7, 2010
Northwest Ohio

In the category of "I had the parts so I made it", this is an internal speaker advantedge in the shortest length possible to still have any lights at all. I was thinking about what to do with the speaker section I had and noticed I only had fluted lenses and a mini frame. I thought back to when a coworker had a lo-pro siren on a mini edge and decided to make an internal speaker advantedge version. I initially thought I would be limited to front and rear 4x3 sized strobes and I thought about doing something like this:

When I put the speaker on the frame it was obvious I had even less real-estate at the ends than I had guessed. I first tried orienting the "V" heads like they are in an early edge, back to back 2 per side, but even that didn't fit. So I took a look at my early edge-cap lightheads and saw how they surface mounted the "V" heads and went that route. The result was actually pretty decent to the front and back (great to the sides obviously). I had to run it off a remote power supply, there was no fitting anything era appropriate inside.

Is it practical? No! Was it ever actually used? Not that I know of. Would I have used it on a utility truck or ATV/golf cart? Heck yeah!

The final build looks like it could have been a custom factory job, at least I think so; all the parts are Whelen.



As if i need anymore ideas for lights lol.

Actually looks pretty cool
I might put a lo-pro on one of my mini edges next. That's more "factory" but still looks odd.
I think that's pretty neat! I could see something like that on a golf cart or ATV, not for use as a siren speaker, but as a public address speaker.
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I think that's pretty neat! I could see something like that on a golf cart or ATV, not for use as a siren speaker, but as a public address speaker.
That's what we had on the ATV at one of the jobs I worked. Not the specific bar but we had a siren speaker it was essentially for PA and occasionally air horn tone (which was avoided generally). We also had a backup alarm style beeper that we could turn on when moving through crowds as well as a more volume appropriate horn. I had originally been asked to install a full siren on it and with an open cab that wasn't going to happen. But I think this little bar could potentially have looked really cool on some of the older golf carts that they used to remove injured players from sporting events and similar.
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