Federal Signal Aerodynic PAR36 bulb question

edit-Found it, sure enough 4414 18w for flashers, 7610 50w for takedowns, and H7614 50w for the alleys. Flashers seem dim. Interesting.
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I'm fixing up an aerodynic and the end PAR36s are all different. What was correct? I seem to remember there being different options but I can't find anything in a catalog or tech sheet. I saw 4414 listed once for the inner flashers of the aerotwin, that seems like a pretty low watt bulb for the end lamps.

1 seems too heavily fluted, it's 50w. 2 Seems about right fluting wise but it's 35w. 3 seems like the right fluting and is 50w.
bulbs aero.png

Here is my work in progress replacing the broken off plastic speaker housing "feet". I'm using a 400 series blank insert from a Whelen edge 9M/Freedom for plastic parts. I still need to clean it up.
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The plastic on the bulkheads is super brittle due to age anymore. I usually just glue what I can back together, until someone starts printing bulkheads.

As for lamps for the AeroDynic.. I have seen it all, typically flashers are 4414 but I have seen bars with all sorts from flood to spot. It was also common to run 4464 lamps for takedowns.

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