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    Hello fellas, I recently acquired an old Aero off an eBay sale. It's mostly red, and has some clear traffic clearing deal in the front. 4 rotators on either side. Rotators all go, couple burned out bulbs.
    2 questions:
    First, are there any LED compatible bulbs for the Aero? It has them big halogen bulbs in them. I'm not sure a part number as they are all faded but they look like the bulbs off the carnival rides. haha.

    and ...I am working with a group on Facebook now about how to set up the different flash patterns with the gears of the light bar. Anyone know of any good resources for that?

  2. Stampeed Valkyrie

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    Bulbs vary depending on the model.
    It sounds like you have one of the non Halogen versions of the aerodynic.
    Halogen versions use the H1 bulbs.
    The non halogen uses the bayonet base bulbs.. like 595 or 596.
    The "Carnival" type bulbs I believe are 35 watt incandescent bulbs like this one.

    As for the TCL it depends on which one you have.. I would assume again either 595 or 596..

    As for gear settings.. search the forums.. I have several posts.. as do others detailing aerodynic options and information.. the search bar is your friend.
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    LED replacements don't work well with reflectors designed for filament lamps. You can try any LED that fits the socket, but the flash will be underwhelming.

    There's a PDF on how to set the patterns. I can post it if it's not already on the site.
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    Please do.
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    Here's the pattern setting info.

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