Allentown Spring Melt Fireshow 2019

Stampeed Valkyrie

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Sat and Sun April 13 & 14th 2019
Typically Saturday is an Auction
and Sunday is the fleamarket.

Doors open on Sunday @ 9AM.



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Really hoping to make it with @Bvfa23 for the Flea market again this year...all depends on how our trip home from FDIC on Saturday goes...


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Looks like I'm loading up a bunch of lightbars and some sirens and going to sell ! I'll probably have a couple led and vintage bars see y'all there !
Stampeed Valkyrie

Stampeed Valkyrie

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If anyone is heading to this with Aerodynic stuff LMK.. That is pretty much my whole point in going. Or if anyone is looking for anything in particular LMK!... lol I am always down to trade..

PM works best.


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