Wanted Amber lightbar and pair of surface mounts


As the title states, I'm looking for something amber that goes on a roof. I'm not picky, as it's going on a dirt track utility vehicle. The only stipulations are: cheaper, working, and must fit on a 95 Blazer roof. Strobe or rotator mini bars are okay, as are short full size lightbars. LED would be a plus, but I'm not interested in no-name junk.

Also looking for a pair of surface mount amber LED's for the rear hatch. Same thing, cheap and working.

I have a pair of used blue Sound Off Intersectors that I could work in as a trade if interested. Please PM me price with shipping to zip 46511. Thanks!


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It sounds like our current spring promotion would work out perfectly. When you spend $200+ at AWL you get a free pair of surface mount lights.

Our SuperSliq 20 is $219.99 and is available in amber. All lights use 3-watt Philips LEDs and are backed with a 5 year warranty.


AWL is a LEO owned business open since 2011.

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