Another AeroTwinSonic. New and still boxed


May 25, 2010
Hamburg (Germany)
I fetched a brand new, "NOS", still boxed AeroTwinSonic 24XQ, 12 Volts, Series A1 this weekend from a lighting shop in Hamburg. There are still some Aeros available, because they have no approval here in Germany. So they were never put on any vehicle and waited some decades in a storage depot. Some years ago they found their way to the market and they are still being sold. I do not know, how much Aeros are left. But there might be some in stock. Maybe iteresting for the european collectors of elightbars. They go for 300€ incl. all mounting-hardware and documentation. :)

At the moment it has all-blue lenses. But I'm awaiting a red one in some weeks. I'll take some pictures of the lightbar as soon the red lenses arrived. So, stay tuned. ;)

nice to see some aeros in europe still survived. i cant wait to get your euro vector, halogen/strobe in my collection, please pack it carefully :D
Kitesurfer, I assume the blue color is the "dark C.I.E blue"?

If so, you got yourself something pretty nice! :cool:
No, it's the light US-blue. That's one reason, why that bar has no approval here in Germany.

I hate the dark blue on lightbars. You cannot see, what's inside and light is much brighter with red and US-blue lenses on the bar. I had the dark stuff on my MX7000, when I got that thing back in 2005.

It started with this configuration:


Then I got some red and US-blue domes and parts:


Today it's all-light


And I bought brand new lenses (top and bottom) for the whole lightbar.

Also, I like US-lightbars much more than the German or European stuff.
Want to unload your dark blue lenses?
I sold the dark blue lenses some years ago on They went for some Euros.

PM me, if you want some dark blue lenses. I can check our german Forums then. But I guess there is almost no chance to get some of them. I can not remember any collector who has them in his collection over here. All MXs become red/US-blue here. :D

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