Another clear Whelen 8000

Discussion in 'Vintage & Collectible' started by tsquale, Jul 16, 2017.

  1. tsquale

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    Bought this from a guy on Facebook who was liquidating around 100 bars in Pennsylvania. He was willing to ship and gave me an awesome deal on it since it was untested and without mounting feet. It arrived yesterday and I opened it up today.

    Unfortunately, all of the wiring was cut in order to disable it for sale to the public I'm guessing. Thankfully I found a wiring diagram that John had posted long ago and was able to rewire it pretty quickly. Everything works! It has dual speakers, cruise lights, front PAR strobes, 360 strobes and a low power mode. A quick polish and it looks very nice. I reattached the wiring diagram for anyone who needs it (credit to JohnMarcson for original upload).

    IMG_20170715_183130210.jpg IMG_20170716_103515595.jpg IMG_20170716_103522327.jpg IMG_20170716_115451336_BURST000_COVER_TOP.jpg 98351_f4091220d5fe132cb9033d68e176c0df.jpg
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  2. cmb56

    cmb56 Member

    Thank you for the diagram.
    I have a 8000 bar that I never have tried because I have not been sure of the wiring.
    Good find you got anyway.

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  3. Maxim2Eng

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    Awesome! I always thought the cruise lights were an outstanding idea...and I love the "clucking chicken" sound!

    I remember encountering a gen1 Whelen strobe bar in TN on I-65 at night--alternating single flash (blue) on a Troopers car on the shoulder in a limestone "canyon" south of the KY line. It was incredibly disorienting even for me!
  4. kitn1mcc

    kitn1mcc Veteran Member

    nice find mister
  5. dmathieu

    dmathieu Premium Member

    Beautiful 8000. One of the few bars that I would consider for my collection, especially the clear!
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  6. jph2

    jph2 Senior Member

    Nice find and nice resurrection! And that old-school strobe sound! :D
  7. Stampeed Valkyrie

    Stampeed Valkyrie Senior Member

    Very neat light..
    I still question how it doesn't get washed out in direct sunlight with clear domes..
  8. StEaLtH2

    StEaLtH2 Enthusiast Silver Level Member

    Wow. Yup, that's a keeper
  9. dmathieu

    dmathieu Premium Member

    These bars were never great in sunlight, no matter what color. Nice bars anyway. Great in a collection!
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