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Hi again all,

I picked up a couple of low-band VHF antennae that are older Antenna Specialists base-loaded spring whips, and I'm looking to find information about or to purchase the connectors for them. As near as I can tell from research online, one is 38-40 MHz which I believe takes an N-type connector, and the other is the next step down, about 30-38 and takes the 3/8-hole snap-in.
I am seeing complete sets on the big auction site, however I really just need some confirmation of the connectors. Please advise and thanks in advance.

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N type connectors can be purchased on most amateur radio supply sites... I'm not sure I'm understanding your second connector

Are you talking about the kind similar to what is used on most am fm antennas for cars? Aka Motorola connectors


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Are you talking about the antenna mounts instead of connectors? Connectors would go on the coax. Mounts such as the common NMO Mount and 3/8 stud mount?

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If he's looking for the antennae End they were usually 3/8th 24 thread mounts....

Usually fender or bumper mounted ball mounts with a spring


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Connectors and mounts are 2 different parts at opposite ends of the coax. Any connector can be installed to match the radio antenna com port, the mount has to match the antenna base. 30-40 years ago snap-in mounts were very common on CB, low-band and I think high-band antennas, but I think they fell out of favor because they didn't hold up as well to stress as NMOs and other screw-mounts like SO-239s.

Jarred J.

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The 42mhz looks like an o m o (old Motorola)

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