Any streamlight dealers here?

Jarred J.

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without having to buy a $36 kit i dont need i'm looking for the 2 charging screws for my Strion HP

Anybody can help with just the 2 screws?

I wouldnt even know how to dissemble the upper part to replace the parts i dont need anyways.. LOL

and before anyone asks i searched for about 30 minutes online searching various forums and websites and cant even find a part number...


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It wasn't clear in your post. Are you missing these screws or you can't remove them? If you can remove them, or if your are missing them.... Bring the stream light to the nearest Grainger or Fastenal.They usually have a set of every standard sized on hand to help you figure out which size diameter and length. Most likely its a Metric fastener. Most manufactures who export build everything with standard-sized Metric-sized fasteners. Good Luck.
Jarred J.

Jarred J.

Archive Expert
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As I said I just need the screws. The removal part of the statement was In Regards to the other components in the kit i don't need..

I'm going to replace the ones I have because they have become so corroded the polish is off of them and the bare screw isnt conducting well..

There aren't any local places for those 2 companies...

They appear to be a specialized screw as the screw head is parabolic to accept the charger "domes"

This could have been resolved if streamlight took emails.

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