Anyone ever seen one of these before?


Jun 20, 2010
Malone, NY
Never seen that before although it's not that far-fetched. That's a cool concept and I'm surprised it's not more common. Seems it would be better than buying a console because it's out of the way but the price probably discouraged customers. (Assuming it's not made any more.)


May 21, 2010
USA Nashville Tennessee
They were used in ambulances, but it depended upon the purchaser specs using Federal Lights. I believe Traffic Safety Devices -TSD - also had a similar setup with different modules that would go into the overhead or trunion mounted console.


Aug 14, 2010
MI, United States
Oh yes, AP&E. Originally Automotive Prototypes and Equipment, then Automotive Police Equipment, then Metro Emergency Products and Services. MEPS was sold to U.S. Highway Safety in 1995, a Milan, MI based company. Unfortunately Terry Collins (the current Adrian Police Chief, again)and Steve Mills of MEPS sold U.S. Highway Safety a company they didn't completely own. They failed to disclose that there were two additional share holders and that all of the assets were leined by NBD Bank. This was the beginning of the end again for Collins and MIlls. As for Mr. John Dillion, he is one of those people that just seems to attract much trouble, at least he did, and seems to slip away untouched leaving disaster in his wake.

The AC series overhead consoles were standard issue for numerous agencies, including the Washtenaw County Sheriff's Dept. (MI) which was featured in all of their promotional videos. It was a great product. Rumor has it that it was so successful at the time, that Federal tried to copy it with the TSD product. The AC model was far superior, completely adjustable, and totally customizable. It housed Switching, Siren, and Radio controls as well as map and dome lights. It was offered with the Code 3 3600 Remote Siren as standard. It is also rumored that Pro-Gards Standard prisoner screen is a direct copy of the model that was produced by MEPS.

I would like to find some, just to have.

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