For Sale Apollo VP200 Pro VHF Pagers

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    Apollo VP200 Pro VHF Pagers

    I have Seven (7) Apollo VP200 Pro VHF pagers and one charging stand without an AC adapter that are used and have some issues. We have since upgraded to Motorola Minitors from these.

    They are all narrowband compliant and are all two channel pagers. They take three AAA batteries (rechargeable or regular). Units are sold AS IS and without any batteries.

    All pagers may be fixable or used for parts for other Apollos.

    Issues Include:
    *Low Volume (1)
    *Won't Hold Charge (2) [May be old batteries]
    *Won't Program (1)
    *Won't Alert (1) [May be low volume or programming issue]
    *Works/Unknown Issue [Not labeled if there was a problem, may not be any issues]

    Because they all turn on how about $200 shipped through ELB? Too high??


    List Date: 5/14/2017

    For more info, click here to view the original listing: Apollo VP200 Pro VHF Pagers
    On Sale For: $225.00

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    $150 OBO.

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