Are Linear LED modules effective mounted vertically?


Jul 6, 2010
Tampa Bay FL
I have acquired some linear style LED heads and I am planning to purpose them into additional side lighting for my cruiser. As I look to mount them on the prisoner partition, I would be happiest (and a cleaner install) if they were mounted vertically. I don't recall seeing too many of the liner type LEDs mounted vertically, they seem to predominately be mounted horizontal (wide). I want to make sure I get the best warning possible, but I also strive for a nice clean install.

Any input is appreciated. Thanks!
May 21, 2010
Whelen designs versions of some of their lightheads with "vertical optics". Not knowing which lighthead you have, i would say try it out in that position. The worst thing that will happen is that it will not work well enough and you will have to put something else there.


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May 21, 2010
NW Indiana
You should definitely use some lightheads that are made for vertical mounting, such as some Whelen 500-series Linear Super-LED™ Vertical Lightheads.

Installation manual here:

The optics on these lightheads are designed for a vertical installation, and will make the light go in a reasonable direction (predominantly horizontally when the lighthead is mounted vertically), so you will warn other motorists and not earthworms and airplanes.


May 21, 2010
SlickTop Solutions said:
I have installed light heads vertically that did not have a vertical option and they worked fine. They did not overly warn aircraft or earthworms, and did a fine job of providing side warning for the officers they were installed for.

Ditto. Had a pair of LINZ6s mounted on a rear LP bracket. Due to them being low, the light spread hit all heights of cars. Had they been mounted correctly, or a TIR3 used, higher vehicle might not have been covered.

I say, mount them where they fit. They're still going to perform better than the older tech stuff used years ago, but it was good enough then.


May 20, 2010
Maryland, USA
When we got slammed with our blizzards this winter, the county took 4WD trucks from other county agencies and gave them to police. They mounted a dual talon in the front and rear. The rear ones were mounted vertically and did not work well. The horizontal spread is very small, so it appeared very weak when mounted vertically.


May 7, 2010
Northwest Ohio
Just keep in mind the way the reflectors were designed. While mounting a standard light vertically will work, it will narrow the off axis output slightly...



Jul 6, 2010
Tampa Bay FL
Thanks for the input everyone! They are Whacker Fury OX dash lights that I am re-purposing into side lighting. Our agency policy forbids us from wiring in the vehicle or using stuff that didn't come from the factory the way we are using it. So I am stuck with 12V plug options. Not to say that I haven't been completely satisfied with Whacker's products.

I found a mounting position that will work very well, I will try to put a pic in the thread once I get them in the window tomorrow or Sunday sometime.

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May 24, 2010
Sedgwick County, KS
pw1981 said:
Our agency policy forbids us from wiring in the vehicle or using stuff that didn't come from the factory the way we are using it.

I HATE departments that do that, thats why i like the KHP because they let you set your car up EXACTLY how you want, if you want slick top then you get that, if you want a lightbar then you get a bar, if you want both, you get both! :lol:

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