Are these any good?


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May 21, 2010
NW Indiana
The photos are tiny, and are grainy. The text of the ad is in all capital letters. The price is awfully low.

These lights can't be anything worth very much.

I would stay away, unless the seller is next door on the next block.


May 21, 2010

Smirk all you want, but I've used them for indoor simulations, delineators, marking lights, etc. The remote control version is neat because if you are doing something like building search or active shooter training they can be used as a start or stop light, or a no-entry marker.

I use the marpac lights for outdoor stuff and they've worked out fine. Both are bright enough to be scene through a fog-filled shoothouse or outside in HC smoke, and beat the hell out of lugging around 12 volt batteries to power-up "real" lights.

I sure as hell wouldn't put one on a car, but they have their uses.

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