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May 24, 2010
SW Ohio, USA
Hey all,

I have an old DynaMax that is dying/dead. (it still produces a tone but it takes it a while to sound. Meanwhile you can hear the tone from the amp inside.) What is the best replacement for it. I know that the ES100 is not a direct fit per the local shop. What would be my best bet for longevity then sound quality. The speaker is mounted under the right bumper. Thanks!


siren is a Code 3 Mastercomm (100/200)

car is a 2004 Chevy Blazer 4x4 4door
I would go with a Whelen SA315P or a Sound Off 100H. Both are great speakers and are very small. I have a SA315P on my car right now and happy with it. A lot of agencies use the 100H and they are very happy with them. Let me know if you have any questions.
The AS124 is a very good speaker, loud, and an excellent value. I have installed about 200 with only one failure so far. The driver is field-replaceable if need be, although I imagine it would be more or less the same cost as a new speaker, considering the remainder of the unit is plastic. The AS124 is bigger than the DynaMax and will not use the same bracket (typically...there are a couple of DynaMax brackets that can work, for example, FedSig's '06+ Impala bracket is two-piece for the Dynamax, the same bracket works for the AS124, just use the car-side piece to mount the AS124, after turning the speaker core 90 degrees.)

The 100H is the speaker I'm using more often now, having installed 30+ this year, including two in my assigned cruiser. I have had two failures. It is also a good speaker, seems to match the AS124 in output, and is more is basically the same size as the MS100/Dynamax. While SOS vehicle-specific brackets are good, and I really like their CVPI bracket, we have learned that the 100H will fit most of FedSig's MS100/DynaMax brackets with slight modifications. Just do a bit of Dremel work or slightly enlarge the bracket's speaker bolt holes to accommodate the 100H, which is a bit more square on its edges than the DynaMax.

I would recommend either speaker to you, but since you are trying to replace a DynaMax, the 100H is a no-brainer.

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