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As the title states, there will be format changes in three sales sections.  The changes will only apply in the ModernVintage, and Non-Warning sales sections.  Starting May 3rd 2015 each new item will need to be posted in a separate thread.  Multiple of the same item may be grouped in one thread.  When an item sells please reply to the thread with "sold to:blank".  If that was the last/only one of that item then please lock the thread.  That item thread and reply now become a place holder for the transaction and will be the building block of a better feedback system.   There will be permission based hiccups,

The key reasons/goals

  • Facilitate item based, member linked feedback
  • Enhance Search-ability
  • Promote Image and detail rich postings
  • Avoid going to a non-threaded/non-forum system
  • Make content, ads, and external links more accurate and on topic
  • Reduce and remove barriers for assisting law enforcement:More secure community

There will be a grace period until June 1 2015 during which existing posts need to be closed out and items re-listed as their own threads.  Also during this grace period members will simply receive a reminder on formatting with no requirement to separate the items until June 1.  During this period data will be used to determine bump and reply rules, so those rules will not be enforced aside from spam. 

All the Wanted Sections will become/remain open format.  Members are free to request single or multiple items per thread. Requests may not be duplicated.



  • Deals and threads on eLightbars must not violate or advocate violating any Local, State, Federal or International laws. Items, their ownership, sales, transfer, transportation and/or possession must not violate any local, stated, federal or international laws. Items, their ownership, sales, transfer, transportation and/or possession must not violate the stated policies of any 3rd party brokering, shipping or financial company or institution.
  • Use of the classifieds may be restricted by administration at any time. eLightbars, it's ownership, staff and others trusted with it's operations reserve the right to restrict access to the site and it's features for any reason at any time and are not responsible for the items or transactions.
  • Please take note of the structure of the classifieds. They are divided by item type and for sale vs wanted. Please post accordingly.
  • All for sale, for trade or wanted posts must go in the appropriate classifieds section. No transactions are permitted in other parts of the site.
  • Wait until the newest post in the thread is seven days old before bumping the thread (this does not include updates, adding items or editing)..
  • Please group your items logically in as few posts as possible. For example within the vintage section; All lenses in in one post, beacons in another, and lightbars in a third thread.
  • Do not re-post the same wanted item in more than one thread.
  • Do not bump your thread by locking it and starting a new one with the exact same item(s).
  • In places where users have the ability to edit/modify/lock their own threads in this section, when something sells, and there are multiple things in the thread, mark the one item as found (don't delete them, just write found next to the description or pic). When all the items have been sold/found, add sold or found to the title, and LOCK the thread. A moderator will move it to the sold/found archive forum. Once again, DO NOT edit the post so much that no one can tell what was for sale/wanted. The classified posts are kept in an archive and need to be intact so feedback posts can be linked to them.
  • Users must not violate any established policies of 3rd parties involved in transactions (ie payment or shipping companies). This includes but is not limited to providing false transaction information in order to avoid fees and duties.
  • eLightbars makes no attempt to verify any aspect of transactions. People who buy, sell or trade on eLightbars do so at their own risk.
  • In accordance with PayPal's User Agreement, users are not allowed to charge buyers for PayPal fees. Do not request that buyers add additional costs to their total to cover fees. Do not incorrectly mark items as gifts or owed to avoid fees.
  • Use a shipping service with tracking when ever possible (staff will be unable to assist otherwise).
  • Use a verified payment method (staff will be unable to assist otherwise). Never "wire" money or send cash/money orders.
  • The condition should be clearly stated.
  • Items must have an accurate title and description. Descriptions and pictures must not be deceptive or misleading. Do not engage in keyword spamming or manipulation.
  • Replies/comments made on items must be questions pertaining to the item at hand.
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