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As the title states, there will be format changes in three sales sections.  The changes will only apply in the ModernVintage, and Non-Warning sales sections.  Starting May 3rd 2015 each new item will need to be posted in a separate thread.  Multiple of the same item may be grouped in one thread.  When an item sells please reply to the thread with "sold to:blank".  If that was the last/only one of that item then please lock the thread.  That item thread and reply now become a place holder for the transaction and will be the building block of a better feedback system.   There will be permission based hiccups,

The key reasons/goals

  • Facilitate item based, member linked feedback
  • Enhance Search-ability
  • Promote Image and detail rich postings
  • Avoid going to a non-threaded/non-forum system
  • Make content, ads, and external links more accurate and on topic
  • Reduce and remove barriers for assisting law enforcement:More secure community

There will be a grace period until June 1 2015 during which existing posts need to be closed out and items re-listed as their own threads.  Also during this grace period members will simply receive a reminder on formatting with no requirement to separate the items until June 1.  During this period data will be used to determine bump and reply rules, so those rules will not be enforced aside from spam. 

All the Wanted Sections will become/remain open format.  Members are free to request single or multiple items per thread. Requests may not be duplicated.

Not open for further replies.

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