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Order a linear bar with take downs and the bar arrives. It works. Meaning it illuminates but the take downs are solid red.......:mad:

Why would someone want red take downs?

It’s an all red bar. But with the add on price for taken down and not being white I am completely stumped on how this order was full filled.
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Sounds like the bar wasn't built as ordered. You probably just need some white modules to swap out with the currently installed red ones in those positions.


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Jman423. I am not sure. This company is completely new to me. But suggested by many on here.

You only are given choices of color. I ordered red/red. They have a red/white. But they would make one side red and the other white. Correct?

But with the word takedown and the demo video even shows it. They are standard as it looks.

Hoping not another 2 weeks to resolve this. And for anyone else. I have taken the steps and reached out already. But I figured I would share my experience so far. Very frustrating as of now

Rick Steghammer

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The only reason for red take-downs would be when active red does not effect your night vision. That is why we used red flashlights in the Military...


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Received a reply back. Apparently that is the way the bar for all red is configured. All Red is just that. kind of confusing if you don't know this when ordering.....

One would think ordering Red/White as listed on the site, it would be one side red and one side white split. Not alternating.

If you want take downs in white you have to go with a red/white configuration.

Hopefully this will help anyone else in the future as it's not listed this way via the site.

So I am being told the red white is R-R-W-R-W W-R-W-R-R

Working on getting replacement.....
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You mentioned an additional cost for the takedown option. Honestly, I would have expected any seller to catch that and clarify with me before shipping product in a configuration that makes no sense.


A: it's definitely on the seller/vendor to explain how products should be ordered and how setups work.
B: you're absolutely right, communication should be much faster. I'm against people expecting overnight or 2 day shipping, but emails should be answered within a few business hours at the most.


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Thanks for all the kind words for those who backed myself and AWL.

It seems that there was some confusion when ordering the bar, but just to clarify the only option a customer chooses with this particular item is color. There are no up-charges for other options such as takedowns. I explained to Mr. Yester that the bars are all built standard with a takedown feature and TD button on the rear of the bar. The TDs are the center-most modules so on an all red bar the center modules are red, an all amber bar the center modules are amber, etc. The mixed color bars (I.e. r/w) have alternating modules with white center modules (RRWRW WRWRR)

I can absolutely see where this may lead to some confusion and I will clarify this on the website to hopefully avoid this confusion in the future.

Of course I would never leave someone with a product they aren’t completely satisfied with and I have contacted Mr. Yester to exchange the bar. As a consolation for the late reply I am shipping the exchanged bar priority mail at no extra cost.

As always, I am happy to assist in any way to ensure that my customers receive a dependable product which they are satisfied with at a price that won’t break the bank! Thank you again for the support everyone.

Stay safe,
Tom Norcross
I have done my fair share of business with Tom and AWL - as others have stated, he's a stand up guy and his company is one of the better ones for being an off-brand. I always recommend his company when people are looking for off-brand products.


Contact Tom, it would be under warranty within such a short period. Honestly surprised you're having so much trouble. My first ever ILB was an AWL venom, and it worked amazing. All of my stuff from Tom has always been solid and he's always stood by his products. If you reach out to him on here, he responds. Also, check the fuse in the cigarette plug if that's how you're using it - could've blown.


Definitely contact them. I ran my Venom bar forever and never had any issues at all with it.

My battalion chief runs it in his truck more than I did and hasn’t had any issues yet.


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Light bar crapped out in August...... Figures...
Why do you just post here in the Visual section, instead of contacting Tom & putting something in the feedback section, instead??

I do not know Tom personally, but I can tell you that Tom has a reputation for standup customer service here. The first “issue” you had with the bar was miscommunication about the specs when you placed the order, which Tom addressed and went above/beyond to remedy after the fact, and now you have an issue with the bar not working. I’m sure everyone else here is confident that contacting him would be the only productive path now


I'm going to have to echo the sentiments of the others who have already posted on here. First of all, the lightbar stops working in August, yet you feel compelled to write about it three months later? And you choose to post it on the site rather than contact the company? I would strongly suggest you contacting the company for any warranty claims. There really is no point to post anything negative on the thread. Everybody says Tom will be able to help you out. I get the customer is always supposed to be right, but sometimes the customer acts unreasonably.

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