Axixtech TIR vs. Whelen TIR?

I 26

Sep 9, 2010
Vancouver, Canada
Can't find a comparable what's brighter/performs better?

Axixtech tir 4 or Whelen tir 3? I'm aware one has an extra diode.

They are in green, if that makes a difference.


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May 21, 2010
Snow Belt, Michigan
From experience with both lights, I can tell you that the only problems I had with Axixtech

lx4's was getting them replaced from Lighting X where I had purchased them from.

But now that Brooking is replacing them, I experienced very little malfunctioning from

this product. As far as the Whelen Tir3's, the only problem I had with the majority of

them is they draw moisture when Mounted outside. I for the most part use Whelen

products inside of a vehicle and other brands such as axixtech, pods for the outside

as I have never had a moisture problem with them.

Jim Rogers


I 26

Sep 9, 2010
Vancouver, Canada
Thanks for the kind suggestions/information, but we currently have access to both products and are debating which set to use. Lightheads are to be mounted inside the vehicle. Looking for opinions on brightness/performance/reliability.

May 24, 2010
PG County, MD
Both have a 5-year warranty, both have multiple patterns, both are syncable with their respective product lines, both are comparable in price.

LX4 is brighter do to having one more diode.

Have you also looked at the SE3 and SE4 from Axixtech? Both are TIR optics but slightly taller than the LX4.

SE3 is brighter than the Whelen TIR because of the larger optics. SE4 is brighter because of larger optics and one more diode.

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