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Sep 9, 2010
Vancouver, Canada
Hey folks,

Just inherited a fleet of maintenence trucks decked out with $30 Amazon specials - time for an upgrade.

Since I'm really only involved in the collector community, what's the top-of-the-line in mini bar technology these days? I'm assuming LED brightness probably maxed out about 10 years ago or so, so I'm not really sure what defines the best. I'm looking at:
- Whelen Responder
- Whelen Mini Century
- Federal Highlighter
- SWS Low Profile

From my understanding Federal brags about having the "brightest" lights.
You can't go wrong with Federal or Whelen. The Federal has my vote.

For a fleet I would go for longevity and best in class warranty. I think they are so close that it comes down to that for your choice. Especially for a fleet. Not sure how large the fleet is, but the worst thing is latent failures that aren't covered.
Asking a question like this is akin to asking gun owners which ammo to use, you're going to get 10000 answers

Any name brand (whelen federal code 3) bar is bright, its 2023, the difference in brightness is negligible at best. Feniex is another good brand, SNM and AWL have more budget friendly lights

just food for thought
Thanks all! Spec'ing between the Mini Century and the linear Responder - the Responder is about double the price. Are the corner modules the same in the Century as the linear units in the Responder?
Mini Century for the amber market is fine for most amber needs .Uses TIR for front on and rear on and think either a 4 or 6 led for the corners. I wouldn't recommend it for red blue users due to not enough cornerLEDS. We have a 16 inch magnetic in use every day for about 9 years. Solid as a rock.

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