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Best police lightbar

What a loaded topic I know! Cost isn't a huge issue, and most seem comparable anyways.

The upfitter that most every agency in the state contracts with must have a deal with SOS, because almost every car they build is exclusively using SoundOff nForce for lighting, either interior or exterior.

I'm not a huge fan of any of the Fed Sig bars. The Vision SLR is cool, but it's way too much profile for a police vehicle that will see 100mph frequently. Also not a fan of Code3's newest options.

I really like the Whelen Legacy, I like the bar's outward aesthetic appearance, and it's super low profile. But I'm worried that it isn't as bright as the others being so much thinner, and I'm not sure if it can do everything the newest SOS cars do (Cutting side modules with doors open, steady burn in park, etc).

I am super impressed with the SOS nForce exterior bars in lighting performance and options. However I just cannot get over the asymmetric side design, it drives me crazy.

I also don't like how we're stuck with black top covers for each. I've always liked red/blue top covers on black cars (Ours are black).

At any rate, what are your thoughts? Urban and rural policing, with frequent highway use, and cost not an issue. Our current cars use SOS ETL5000's (Old I know!). The wind resistance and wind noise is absolutely horrific, and the main reason 3/4 of the new cars will have all interior bars. But I can possibly go with an exterior bar for the 4th.


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I don’t have an nforce light bar but I do have 6 nforce light heads on my vehicle. They are great. My chief has an nforce bar on his new utility. He loves it and we always had whelen bars. You’re right the size of the nforce compared to the new whelen has a larger width and the nforce isn’t too wide or to skinny. I think the best thing is if your department keeps bars a long time SOS has fixed things even out of warranty for free for me.


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I can tell you that the low profile/slim design of the legacy does NOT sacrifice brightness at all!

All of our Battalion chief and EMS Captain vehicles have Legacy Duos, and they are insanely bright. I personally think they’re brighter & pack more of a punch head-on than the newer freedoms on our engines, aerials, and rescues.

Also, The front flood warning (TD) is also insanely bright (even in daylight, you cannot stare directly at it b/c it’s that powerful. I like SOS products, but I think the Legacy is 100% brighter than any of their lightbars.


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Legacy Duo

Crazy bright, unlimited custom set-ups with Carbide or CanTrol (inputs, speed variation), and color insert filters if you ditch the Duo option


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Those Whelen liberty II lightbars are f**king bright. Their 2 takedown lights light up everything in front of them too. I’d get those if money wasn’t an issue
I can’t attest to the whelen bars. But I have a code 3 defender on my patrol vehicle and I feel like it is brighter and moves traffic better than the sound off nforce bars

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