1. IMG_1712.JPG IMG_1709.JPG IMG_1708.JPG IMG_1706.JPG IMG_1707.JPG IMG_1705.JPG I have several all blue lights, sirens, speakers, everything works. Exterior light stick with directional capability, visor lights that have many patterns and directional capabilities with brackets, license plate bracket with two B/B split lights, 4 single all blue grill lights. Sho-me Headlight flasher, sho-me strobe supply. Carson SA-400 classic, starssignal SS670 both have harness, switch Box with master shut off, 4 100 watt speakers.
  2. Japfireman1

    Japfireman1 Registered Member

    What colors are the lights just curious
  3. Tony P

    Tony P Moderator Support Staff

    Admin Post
    If you read the description it says blue...
  4. Blue $1200 for everything

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