Black Friday Deals!


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Our Black Friday Deals Include:

-Use coupon: BLACKFRIDAY5
Save 5% off when you spend $399+

-Use coupon: BLACKFRIDAY10
Save 10% off when you spend $699+

-15% off Feniex 4200 Mini Controllers

-Feniex Cobra T3 License Plate Bundle for $84

-Feniex Fusion License Plate Bundle $109 for Single Color, $169 for Dual Color (and free shipping)

-Free shipping on Feniex Flashers, 49" Light bars, & 4 Pack of Cannon 360's

-Lightning X Large Oxygen Bag for $99

-Lightning X Small First Responder Bag for $29

Plus more deals now through Cyber Monday :)

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A lot of retailers are doing 20-25% off. CEVS is doing 20% off I think.

Do you have any 20-25% off deals, or are you willing to 'up-the-ante' & do 30% off?


Thanks brother! Just wanting to make my hard earned dollars go as far as possible as I've waited a long time for the Black Friday sales.

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