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Discussion in 'Unity Manufacturing Co.' started by UnityUSA, Aug 25, 2017.

  1. UnityUSA

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    We have a new LED lamp in development that will have a camera in the center. We are very early in development and would like to get as much feedback as possible to make the product most beneficial to our customers.

    - Ability to aim the camera by pointing the spotlight.
    - Would work with existing camera systems/software (may only work with some companies we are still exploring this)
    - 1080P IP Camera with digital zoom
    - Camera is removable for servicing, upgrading or possible other inserts.
    - Upgrade LEDs and optics that will make this lamp brighter than the current U-8547 lamp along with wider beam spread.
    - Flipping the toggle on the spotlight to on would turn on the camera alone, flipping it twice quickly would turn on camera and light.

    Please provide any feedback on if this product would be helpful, any changes that would make it better, or even if you don't think concept would work and why. Thanks in advance for your help!

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  2. unlisted

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    Is the glass/plastic over the whole unit one piece? If it is, you may have some led light interference with the camera- like lens flare on a photo.

    Awesome idea by the way.
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  3. H20

    H20 Junior Member

    I would love to T&E this product if you need someone to put it to use in the field. Would be used on my patrol car in Washington state.
  4. RL1

    RL1 Veteran Member

    I would prefer a double rocker switch or two switches. Sometimes I need my spot light on ASAP and don't want to have to double tap a switch.
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  5. UnityUSA

    UnityUSA Established Member

    Our engineers have told me there is no issue with glare when the light is on. They have it set to prevent issues. I have not seen the light and camera going at the same time so just passing on what they told me.
  6. UnityUSA

    UnityUSA Established Member

    Thank you for the feedback. I will forward that on to the engineering team. Not sure what our options are for that. The shaft of the spotlight only holds one wire and I don't think that there is a way to have two different switch positions, which is why I believe they were focusing on the double flip. The theory was to turn the camera on without turning the light on would be beneficial for not altering anyone the camera is on.
  7. octoberguy77

    octoberguy77 Member

    I totally agree with having 2 switches or a double rocker switch for ease of use instead of the double click of the switch to turn the camera on!! It could end up being a problem with the heavier use(double clicking to turn on the camera) and end up being a design flaw.
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  8. UnityUSA

    UnityUSA Established Member

    One of the main goals for this product is that it would be possible to swap this lamp into an existing spotlight without changing the rest of the light. To do a special switch we would need to have whole separate spotlight. So if you have a light already on your vehicle, you would need a new one.

    Also we are pretty sure we won't be able to get this installed at factory level, so any lights coming from Ford, GM, Chrysler would have to be replaced. If we can make this work in the existing spotlight we may be able to have lamp without camera insert as the standard that is put on anywhere and then the camera would be added for the departments that want it. Or other inserts as we are exploring if we could add things like IR, radar gun, license plate reader, laser insert (its called a laser but its more like a high powered light insert)

    Also to have a second switch there isn't any space on the handle so it would probably have to go on the shell which is outside of the vehicle.

    Not trying to shoot the idea down, please give us any feedback, just want to explain some of the issues from our side.
  9. Jarred J.

    Jarred J. Archive Expert Silver Level Member

    Camera power and a small Bluetooth enabled relay and the light can be powered by 1 wire

    The camera could be triggered by a Bluetooth "switch".

    Bonus points if you make the switch as a main power and have both items Bluetooth triggered either internally or an end user app.
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  10. UnityUSA

    UnityUSA Established Member

    I have no idea if we can do that or not, but am forwarding it on to the engineering team. I know they were concerned about bluetooth for transmission of the video. I don't know if that was a concern about bluetooth in general or just as it related to wireless transmission of video.

    For video they are currently looking at a radio signal for transmission.
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  11. UnityUSA

    UnityUSA Established Member

    Some notes from a recent meeting on the camera lamp.

    We are exploring having the camera be turned on by the existing camera system in the vehicle. This would let the light still be toggled normally and the camera to function separately. Lot more details to look into but that is brief version of what is being explored for alternate switch option based on your input. Other option would be the camera would be on at all times but recording would be selective.

    Was just informed that part of controlling the glare is why the center of the lamp is all black around the camera.

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