Can anyone identify this beacon light?

That is actually a North American Signal Model 250 beacon with a Stratolite 77 dome.

NAS 250-33 domes are smaller than Stratolite 77 domes and not interchangeable. They fit only on NAS products.
Looks like an RF6 to me(see attached pic of one). The OP pics mirror this image and not that of a NAS 250 series. The 250 series retaining band screws through the band and into the base of the beacon. I do not see this in the OP's pics.



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Cool Mount / Stand , etc
This mount looks interesting. This light with the mount plate attached might have been used as a prop light for either live performance or video recording (light effects) to emulate an emergency vehicle in the background, but not visible to the audience. Or, possibly a previous collector liked this mount for their display.

Definitely a DO-RAY beacon.

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You can read the letter "D" "R" "A" and "Y" that makes sense! I can see the different rotator design vs the NA Sig one now too. I can't believe I didn't catch that. Ok, mystery solved, haha!
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Yes, maybe a Do-Ray 4002. I found two versions.
I was going to say the same thing. In Canada, the Do-Ray lights used to be sold at Canadian Tire (a national automotive/hardware chain).
I found one version with "Chicago-Toronto" and another one with "COLO. City, CO - Toronto". So I guess both versions were available for the Canadian market.

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