Can these lightheads work with Unity Par46 Chrome Housing??

Discussion in 'Unity Manufacturing Co.' started by fireman616wfd, May 14, 2017.

  1. fireman616wfd

    fireman616wfd Veteran Member

    hey everyone.. can someone tell me if these lightheads that are in the link provided below work with unity Par46 lightheads that's on our fire truck ladder and rear to replace the old halogens? Just trying to keep from spending a ton on updates.
  2. MtnMan

    MtnMan Senior Member

    You could probably make them fit, but... generic imported LEDs with plastic lenses and dubious specs (the seller can't even decide if they're supposed to be spot or flood beams)? Doesn't seem like an upgrade to me.
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  3. tsquale

    tsquale Site Minion Platinum Level Member

    "Will be shipped out of box in padded envelope" is enough for me to say no
  4. fireman616wfd

    fireman616wfd Veteran Member

    We have ordered LED headlights from the same guy before and they are great to be knockoff. That's why I'm looking at these to change the halogens out on the Par46's because those are just secondary lights anyway. Just wondering if they would fit or not.
  5. UnityUSA

    UnityUSA Established Member

    Never seen these before, so can't say if they would fit for sure or not. As long as the are PAR46 and are going into our PAR46, what sounds to be a decklight, they should fit diameter wise. The problem with some LEDs is depth of the lamp is much bigger than halogen lamps and that can cause issues with fit even if they are technically the same size lamp. My biggest concern would be how to wire the light up. We use screw terminal connections in our lights and that appears to have a wire coming out the back, so not sure how well that all would connect or how involved you would have to get to make it work.

    Based on price this probably isn't option you are looking for but for anyone else we just released our CG decklights. They are decklight version of X-LED spotlights. They are currently available in spot or wide flood. Can be chrome or black and whole unit is more economical than the flood lamps we were using before, since we make the whole light in house including the LED lamp.

    Unfortunately the lamps used on these are not compatible with the old AG model decklights or the BG model decklights as the led is built into the head of the light instead of being a lamp.
  6. fireman616wfd

    fireman616wfd Veteran Member

    IMG_9031.PNG So would this light be considered a Par46 or 36?
  7. UnityUSA

    UnityUSA Established Member

    That is a 5AG series decklight it is PAR36. 5AG decklights have switch on the top and AG decklights which are PAR46 have switch below the knob on the back of the light. It's easy way to know when looking at pictures online where sizing can be hard to tell.

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