Can you identify these mounting holes??


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Good morning everyone.

I recently purchased a near mint 1991 LTD Crown Victoria. Story I got was the vehicle was an unmarked car in California, but i have no proof of this aside from some old mounting holes in the floor and rear deck, and a key marked from Ford dealer in California. I tend to believe it didnt originate in the Northeast, there is absolutely zero rust on this car and it only has 73K miles!

I am wanting to try to restore the lighting to period correct equipment, but I am unsure of what the vehicle was equipped with, especially not knowing which department it was with.

I have attached photos of the mounting holes on the rear deck. They are only on the drivers side, nothing on the passenger side...anyone have any idea what equipment from that time would have left a footprint similar to this?



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Just talking out of my hat here, but that reminds me of the old chp lights single red with a yellow flasher next to it in the old par 36 I believe style. But don't quote me cause that's usually where they put them, left side behind the driver?


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You're overthinking this.
You say you want to restore it to period correct so if the agency is unknown then agency-specific equipment isn't necessary.


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I drove quite a few of those cars. Sort of li,e a freight train: hard to get it moving and don't stop worth a darn! :eek:

Pete L.

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We had those too, Philly, real tanks. Ours were a little older,
but boy did they have lots of trunk space and leg room :p

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