Can you make a left hand spotlight to right hand

Discussion in 'Unity Q&A' started by NCAP126, Jun 29, 2017.

  1. NCAP126

    NCAP126 Junior Member

    Have a NIB Unity 94018-0002 LH LED spotlight. Wanted to know if I can use this as a 94019-0002 RH. If so would I just need the right hand install kit 5557 for a Ford Crown Vic or also the right hand plate kit package. Thank you.
  2. UnityUSA

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    They are not interchangeable. The shaft of the spotlights on the two sides are different. The light would not function correctly on the passenger side. The shaft can be changed out to switch sides. Replacement shaft for passenger side is 3615-GM-65. You would need 5557 installation kit to mount the light and 3746-R retainer plate.



  3. NCAP126

    NCAP126 Junior Member

    Ok thanks. A follow up to this is how do you tell the difference between the 2 as I see no markings on the shaft? If someone is selling a used RH how would I know it actually is? Thanks again.

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