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I’m pretty new to the installation aspect of it all , so I will have 8 Feniex Cannons to install. But my question is which brand, kind, size, number of conductors inside do y’all use to install them when outfitting. The only think I have been able to come across is some pretty heavy duty 16/4 indoor/outdoor speaker cable does anyone have any ideas where to buy stuff like that. I’m gonna need a pretty good amount. Also after every HAW get a wire, do you run it back to the cab into a switch/ I don’t have a lighting console yet.
I’ll have a few questions coming soon about how to sync all of them so they alternate. Can someone in great detail how to make only one cannon master and the rest slave??? do you have to do this for every haw. What kind of switch is the best. I’m so confused
Thanks in advance Rich


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Why would you need excessive amount of wire? Are you wiring up a semi trailer?

If you set one head to master and rest to slave.. you'll have one lightead flashing against 7

How about more info to what's it's going to be installed upon..

Jarred J.

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As i previously requested. i need more input on what it is being installed on...

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