CenCom Gold vs CenCom Red

May 24, 2010
East Longmeadow, MA
I know there is someone or multiple people that can give me more information than Whelen has today or any other time I talk to them about the differences between a CenCom Red and a CenCom Gold. I utilized the search function, but nothing on here really provides some in-depth information between the two units. If anyone on here can shed some light on the subject that is greatly appreciated. Thank you in advance

May 24, 2010
PG County, MD
Different software.

Can remap the TA flash and pattern buttons on a Gold to operate any output(s), nothing on a red.

Can remap the last three buttons on the middle row on a gold for any output(s), only outputs 9-11 on a red.

Those are the big ones that come to mind.

What else would you like to know?
May 21, 2010
If they are brand new and you use the latest 3.6 software to program them you should be fine..

Gold has different options and features and programs totally different than the Red does.

You can extract from the Gold where you can only clone a Red.

All in all the Gold is totally different internally and redesigned from the days of Red.

I will say this - we sold a TON of Cencom Red's in our territory and many are still out there but many have also been replaced by golds as time has gone on.


May 1, 2012
Bellingham, MA
Sorry to open an old thread here, but wanted to make sure of something.

I downloaded the Cencom software from Whelen's site (version 3.6), but it says Sapphire on the page and all over the place. I've got a couple Cencom Reds that I'm looking to program. Is this the right software?



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