Cencom / RX2700 issue


Jun 16, 2010
Central California
Hello! I have a few issues/questions with my set up. I have a RX2700 (with the most recent heads) w/rear 5 head TA. I have a Cencom controller.

First issue I'm having is the Cencom works like crap on the RX2700 rear arrow. Most patterens it won't even light up. When it does they are much faster then shown on the cencom and not very bright. The most functionally I've got out of it is by programming the cencom for 5 head halogen. Is this due to the lightbar and the cencom not being a good match or is there another setting I'm missing?

Second issue is a park-kill issue. Siren does not turn off when put in park. I know the park-kill is working with the cencom due to other lights ran through the cencom turning on and off when put in park. I can seem to get the siren to cooperate after trying several different programmings. Any ideas???

I am by far not a professional, just trying to troubleshoot this. Thanks for any help!


Jarred J.

Lifetime VIP Donor
May 21, 2010
Shelbyville, TN
ohh look another jared with 1 r! Welcome to the board

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