Civil Service testing question

Jasen Hatfield

May 20, 2010
Hamilton, Ohio
Well here recently I have been exploring other employment options with a few other agencies and have been looking into the types of civil service tests they are using. One of the more popular tests being used uses a battery of personality trait questions. They will provide a statement and you have five options to choose- strongly agree, agree, not sure, disagree, or strongly disagree. Is anyone familiar with these types of tests and have had success with them and could provide any advice?
Sounds like the psych tests. It's about 800 questions and seem totally random.

Total PITA, but take them seriously. The main test that I've heard of is based on the MMPI. Fill out the answer sheet and then you have an appointment with the psychologist. Ours does weird stuff like having a phone ring in the room and seeing your reaction to it.

Don't read anything into the questions. The answer is "no" when they ask if you hear voices.
\ said:
On the MMPI if you answer that question "no'" remember to also answer "Do voices speak to you?" no also. Each question has a couple variants.

Usually tricks like the examiner having an ambiguous conversation on the phone, or someone comes in and hands them a note while both glance at you, are usually reserved for higher level stuff like security clearances and internal investigations, or you've set off some alarm bells :D Of course there is no one on the other end of the phone, or some smartass in the office has huffed helium to sound like a chipmunk, and the "note" or "file" frequently has some webphoto of a particularly heinous crackwhore blowing a wino, just to screw with the guy doing the exam.
Decide what you're going to answer, when they ask if you'd rather load trucks or attend the ballet. :lol:

And biting heads off chickens is a no-no.

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