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Nathan R

With the recent upgrades the forum has gone through, we have added a variety of Topic Prefixes which the vast majority of members (new and old) do not seem to be aware of. If you can take the time to familiarize yourself with them, there will be benefits for all members.

There is no longer a need to leave all Classifieds postings simple as "Wanted" or "For Sale" and to add a lengthy description in the Topic Title, they now have different classifications. For the most part, all For Sale and Wanted sections have the same selection, there are some areas that may be missing one or 2, the main difference is the wording of "FOR SALE - xxxx" versus "WANTED - xxxx".

The WANTED section Prefixes for the time being are a feature only available to Premium members.

When posting your thread, there is a drop-down menu with all the Prefixes for that specific section. I was unable to get the entire list of all Prefixes available for each section to show in one window pane, please read further down the list the next time you create a thread, as there are more to choose from. The appearance of the drop-down menus has changed since the recent forum software upgrades, but the selections remain the same.New Topic Prefix Use.PNG

As an example, you would not have to spell it out like the old way

Prefix: "FOR SALE" Topic Title: "MX7000 halogen lightbar" as it would be redundant.

If you chose the Prefix "FOR SALE - Lightbar", you could make the Topic Title "Code 3 MX7000".

Clicking on the Prefix will search/sort ALL threads with that same prefix, in ALL of the Classifieds sections.

Don't forget that when you sell items, to create a final posting in your thread stating it was sold/traded, and to whom. Afterwards, you can change your Topic Prefix to "SOLD" (or a Wanted thread to "FOUND"), and lock it.

For Sale/Trade: Warning Equipment

For Sale Warning Description.PNG

For Sale Warning.png

For Sale/Trade: Non-Warning

For Sale Non Warning Description.PNG

Non-Warning prefix.png

For Sale/Trade: Vintage

For Sale Vintage Description.PNG

FS Vintage Prefix.png

For Sale: Other/Off-Site

For Sale Other Off Site Description.PNG

Off Site Prefix.png

There were also 2 sections added, For Sale: Parts & Wanted: Parts. Please browse through the section description to see what items belong in there, versus the other Classifieds sections.

For Sale Parts Description.PNG

Wanted Parts Description.PNG

For Sale/Trade: Parts

FS Parts Prefix.png

If anyone has any Technical Issues with the new format, you can

The new rules for the Classifieds sections are linked here below:

Any other issues, concerns, or assistance required, please utilize our

Some more links for newer members as well:

ELB Site Rules
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Nathan R

Nathan R

I have updated this thread with copies of the descriptions of each sub-forum. Please read through them and choose the appropriate subsection for your item.

An example of something that has changed, Lenses and Domes go into the PARTS sections, not in Warning, or Vintage.
Nathan R

Nathan R

An update for everyone's reference. After a discussion with the owner and IT Admin, when threads were closed and moved to the Sold/Found Archive section, it changes the link. Sold/Found/Locked threads will now be left in their original parent forum, and no longer relocated. There is no need to report a thread that has not been moved, but feel free to bring to our attention a thread that has been Sold/Found, and was not locked or the prefix changed.

There were also updates to the Topic Prefixes, and I will be updating this thread to reflect changes.
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