code 3 supervisor wiring question


Dec 21, 2010
I just bought the code 3 supervisor from this site. Received it in the mail yesterday and it was not what i was expecting. I figured it would have a cigarette plug on it. (i didn't realize how industrial it was) Not complaining i just was wondering what the best way to wire this is.

Can all the wires for the leds be powered on by one switch? and if so is one in line fuse ok to use?

And, I am not sure on how to change patterns. (if avail)


Dec 21, 2010
kool aid 960 said:
here is the installation from code 3's website even has mounting instructions for certain vehicles if you scroll down has info on wiring and pattern change, hope this helps

I just found that also. I still don't know how it should be wired though. What is the best way to set up switches for it? I know the takedowns will have there own fuse protected switch, but can i run all the leds off one switch?


Jan 1, 2011
Western Kentucky, USA
Just glancing through the install manual, it looks like you have independent wires for each lighthead that you want to turn on. So you can reduce the lights used for different situations.

Basically you gonna tie all the appropriate colored wires to the switch. You have to make sure that the switch and wiring is rated to hold the power draw at least, preferably uping the wire size to allow a buffer.

On that supervisor it states that anytime the takedowns are used, the fan has to be running. So run the takedowns and fan controls to another switch. Also make sure the wiring and fuse protection are big enough.

If your not able to run the switches big enough, relays are another option, but is getting beyond super simple wiring.

Again, that was just a quick glance at the install manual.


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