Colored strobe tubes behind different colored plastic?


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Jun 3, 2010
Would it be effective (I know it would not be ideal) to have blue colored strobe tubes flash behind red brake lenses? Would they appear blue or be tinged or not appear blue at all?

reason for this is our dislike of the led haws out right now and cost reasons using what we already have for an undercover application with no visible rear warning lights (just haws in the factory rear lights but need to identify but obviously dont want to put these in the clear reverse housings)


May 7, 2010
Northwest Ohio
They would be dim purple. It would be wrothless.... An extra 1157 bulb would be brighter.

Shawn L

May 21, 2010
Corbett, Oregon
whats the vehicle? and why not install the lights in the revers housings? the key to most of the haw leds is placement, the blue haw strobe tubes are the worst for brightness and crisp color, and thats when used in a clear lens,, put it behind any other color and you might as well use the 4 ways.. your best bet may be a pair of led haw's in the reverse lights, they don't produce much heat so they can be installed in some of the smallest revers lights .


May 20, 2010
I, too, dislike LED hide-a-ways, but recently saw them in the reverse lights of one of our new cars (charger) and they looked pretty good. If you are going to stick with the blue strobes, if the reverse lights are fluted like in an 03 Accord (my old POV), you will not be able to see the tubes at all until they are turned on. To be honest though, if you are going to have the car lit up at some point, you probably want have suspects that close or paying that much attention to the tail light's extra bulbs to begin with.

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