Considering a Feniex Install. Have a few questions


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Hey all, after all the great reviews I've been seeing recently, I am considering going with Feniex lights for my next upfit.

Have a few questions that don't think were covered by the literature I studied:

1) What gauge wire is used for the lightheads (surface mounts, wide lux, 4&600 and HAWs)?
2) What is the approximate cable lead length on the lightheads?
3) Is there a published schematic and photo/layout diagram of the circuit board of the 4200 controller (need to make a custom switch modification)?



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1. T6/T3 use 18ga, widlux is like 16, 400/600/HAW all use a cable with several 18 or 16ga in it.
2. For bars and HAWS 4-6ft depending on model, any single head 6-10 inches dependant on model.
3. Can't help you there, maybe someone else will pipe up.

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