Cops Probed Over Chase, Excessive Force Claims


May 20, 2010
Only thing I have to say is good for the station not releasing the officer's names till something formally comes down from command. I would like to see the video and know how long the chase lasted. I had someone take off from me, lead me on a short chase, and then was able to put them in cuffs before I was able to put anything out on the radio due to the amount of traffic and us only having one channel.


May 20, 2010
Grand Prairie Texas
Odd, Dallas PD has a similar situation going on, but our Police Chief (the one who's son killed a Police Officer and innocent by stander, and got a Police escort for his funeral) has thrown out the race card, and is lighting fires for racial unrest against the DPD. One rookie officer is already fired, others on ad leave, and the chief has already ran to the FBI and asked for a civil rights violation, as well as dropping the evading charges on the drug dealer.

Dallas chase and 'beating' dash cam ... 93424.html


May 20, 2010
Maryland, USA
Reference the original story, I think the news and the Chief handled it correctly. The Chief said it raised enough concerns that she wanted it investigated more, which is perfectly responsible. She didn't throw the officers under the bus, but she wants to go the legal route to find out more information. The news team reported the facts and didn't offer any unneccessary editorial or commentary and chose not to release the officer's names because there was no complaint or substantiated allegations.

Reference the Dallas PD story, I can understand some drama because 2 officers were on top of this guy and hitting him with hands and a baton. It certainly APPEARS brutal, but there are certain parts of our job that are indeed brutal and hard to watch... but perfectly legal and justified. If I remember, the date on the video was only 11 days old. I cannot imagine any good reason for releasing this tape 11 days after the incident. If their is a complaint, I would hope the department investigates completely before releasing this type of video. The way that guy was operating that motorcycle, he sure appeared to be under the influence. It appears as though the officers struggled a bit getting this guy into custody. Punches and baton strikes are perfectly legal ways to gain compliance with a non compliant arrestee. The strikes did appear to be controlled, the officers looked to be in control of themselves and the situation. I couldn't really understand the radio traffic, but they weren't screaming or out of control. The officers need to be interview/interrogated to find out what THEY saw and heard that wasn't captured on the video. I would interview the guards at the jail that handled his intake, see if he admitted to drug/alcohol use, see if they saw signs of impairment. If the suspect went to the hospital, did they draw labs on the guy? If so, subpeona those for the internal affairs hearing and for court. A competent investigation requires too much information for them to release this video so soon... in my opinion.

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