Core Public Safety Install: 2016 Ford Explorer

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    This install probably won't excite most folks because there aren't any blinkies (sorry). Customer self installed a variety of Motorola two way radios and scanner and wanted professional installation of antennas on the roof. We supplied and installed NMO mounts, ran cabling through headliner both to front and rear and terminated ends for customer. For those who say you can't permanent mount antennas on a lease vehicle, think again!



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  2. hawkspringsfire

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    What's the inside look like?
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    I sadly didn't take any pictures of the interior. He's got a Uniden HP-2 mounted to the drivers A pillar with a Ram Mount arm, a couple of remote mount radio heads with the brains in the cargo area, and a toughbook with ram mount which you can just catch a glimpse of in one of the pictures.
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    how do you close up the holes when the lease is up?
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    Rubber plug. Been doing it for years. They tend not to ding you as much for anything in the roof as long as it is sealed properly
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