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Located in Buffalo New York. Here at Cornerstone we pride ourselves on quality insulation along with service and sales. We are an offical Feniex, PowerArc and LED Equipped dealer. All of us at Cornerstone have worked in the law enforcement, medical and fire fields and know how to set up vehicles to be more efficient to work harder for you. We are all about helping everyone do their job safely and efficiently. To see some of our recent installs, please visit our website at or look us up on Facebook at or feel free contact us at We are always accepting customers no matter what the need is. 


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Since you are from buffalo You are not too far from me. What do you suggest for lake effect snow conditions for plow trucks.  I was told bright amber and clear rotatore with amber and clear LED. Do  you have stuff in stock not to exspensive and do you carry used parts. I have 7 vistas loaded with red and blue cudas some had 1 amber in each but I removed those n replaced them. Can you do a professinal install?


Sorry for the late response. Apparently Elightbars does not tell me when I have messages on here. If you want bright, I would go with LED. I do not like to use white on plow trucks because it flashes back at you in the snow. And since you are looking both front and back, I recommend only using amber. But I personally use Feniex lights on both my personal truck and on my wifes landscaping truck. My plow truck is older so I am running an Whelen Edge on the roof (strobe). But that will soon be upgraded. As far as stock, I only have used lights in stock as of right now. I will be moving shops in the spring and instead of having boxes of new stuff laying around, especially when we move, I don't want to worry about things getting broken. I do professional installs at $65 an hour. Which is the cheapest in my area. But if we need to order lights, it takes a week or so to come in. Again, sorry for the delay in response.  

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