Couple questions regarding MX7000


Jan 2, 2011
Hi everyone. I've had a MX7000 laying around for a couple years that I picked up at a flea market, and would like to change the domes to amber and mount on my 98 Dodge Ram pickup. I've been toying with the idea of just getting a chinese mini led bar because I'm not sure if I want to take the time to do all the install work on a full size bar. But when I started powering everything up, I realized this bar is pretty wild and would be a fun toy to have on the roof.

I was wondering if anyone else here has mounted this type of bar on a Ram truck and if there is still a gutter mount kit available if there was one even made. If thats not an option what is the prefered method? Bolt it through the roof?

Also, this bar is loaded. Strobes, intersection sweep, alleys, takedowns, rear flashers inboard and outboard rotators.

Seems like I would need 8 switches for all these functions. But I don't want to spend crazy money on a switch panel. I'll just be using it for snowplowing. But I do want all features operational.

What do you think? :razz:

Fast LT1

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May 24, 2010
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Make a wanted ad for New domes, gutter mounts, and a used switchbox on the wanted section of this forum! You should be able to find everything really easy, but i'm not sure about the gutter mounts as i'm not and MX7000 "know-it-all."

Ps. i like the screen name!

Shawn L

May 21, 2010
Corbett, Oregon
you can pick up a switch box that has a slide switch for a decent price, if you don't want as many switches you can try grouping the alleys, or the alleys and take-downs on 1 or 2 switches, you don't have to have each function on a separate switch, put items you want together and just keep in mind not to over load that switch on the switch box, you could put the outboard rotators and rear flashers on one switch, and the inboard rotators and sweeps on another, so on and so forth, if you do get a box w/ a slide switch put the flashers on pos 1 , outboard rotators on pos2, inboard on pos3 and then the sweeps, and strobes could go on the remaining switches.

my old code 3 book does not specifically list a hook kit for the dodge, but I have had pretty good luck getting the crown vic hooks to fit just about anything with a little bending and modification

more than likely your going to need some long bolts to get them to reach the gutterless hooks, I suggest stainless bolts
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