Crown Vic trunk lights


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Jun 1, 2010
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I need some help with getting the rear deck and trunk lights to flash on a 2010 CV when the trunk is opened. In the past I have used the brown/ white wire on the drivers side of the trunk and have hooked it into the ground side of a relay coil to activate the lights when the trunk is opened. The last batch of cars I did had a problem with trunk switches going bad after a few months. I am guessing this was because of the lights but not sure all the older car did not had a problem.

So first question is this the wright way to make the lights flash when the trunk is opened and if not what are some other way to do it? Second question (that will make life easy) does anyone know where I can find the black plastic bullet mercury switches?



May 26, 2010
New York & Florida
i'd PM cajunblitz or ryan dodd from 10-75; they do quite a bit of work of CVPIs and i'm sure they can help you out


May 21, 2010
I thought you'd get more responses, but if its a LE car you may want to rethink the tilt switch. We only had them on a few, but I asked that they be manually switched, along with the trunk light, primarily on the cars assigned to SWAT, so that guys wouldn't wouldn't be backlit or give away their location on hot calls if the had to grab gear out of the trunk. The tech just ran the wiring and spliced in simple toggle switches.

I stuck an old school mercury tilt switch from a thermostat in a donut and left in on a supervisor's desk. It was an Improvised Exploding Donut.

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