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Aug 13, 2021
I think b/c of the CSP lighting forums being reasonably successful it's time to do one for municipal police agencies. CT currently if I'm right requires Red and Blue these days. In the past it was Red+Red until CSP started with the Crossbars in the early 70s. Then many agencies went Blue, some went Red+Blue and some sticked with Red+Red. By the late 90s it appears Red+Blue became standard. Another interesting thing here is how dominant Whelen products have been in police particularly since the 70s. I think every agency has used Whelen products at some point in past or present.

I can do me some sealed beam Crossbars. This one has NY state vibes with it b/c of the color choice.

Crossbars were widely popular in CT for a good while, but by 1993 they were an option that nobody was taking any longer. Made me think of which lights I knew were in use in CT police forces in 1993.

Hartford PD: Whelen Edge Red+Blue, with some older units using 8000s in Red+Blue.

Newington PD: Whelen Edge Red+Blue.

New Britain PD: At least some of them used Whelen Edge Blue+Blue and in Red+Blue. Can't confirm if any other models were in use.

New Haven PD: Whelen Edge Red+Blue and the oldest units using Federal Twinsonic and Aerodynic in Red+Blue. Some of the Edge's had ally lights and some did not. The Aerodynic's and Twinsonic's did not.

New London PD: Whelen Edge Red+Blue.

Waterford PD: Whelen Edge Red+Blue.

Wallingford PD; Whelen Edge Blue+Blue.

Meriden PD: Whelen Edge Red+Blue

Berlin PD: Whelen Edge Red+Blue

Milford PD: Whelen Edge Red+Blue and 8000s in Red+Blue.

Bridgeport PD: Whelen Edge Red+Blue and few remaining 8000s in a few different color formats.

Norwalk PD: Whelen Edge Red+Blue and a few Yankee 911s in Red+Blue.

Brookfield PD: Whelen Edge Red+Blue

Stamford PD: Whelen Advantedge Red+Blue and 80h in Red+Blue.

Middletown PD; Whelen Edge Red+Blue+Yellow.

East Hartford PD; Whelen Edge Blue+Blue.

Glastonbury PD: Whelen Edge Red+Blue.

West Hartford PD: LTD/CV's used Federal Aerodynic's in Red+Blue+White candy cane, don't know what the first aero vics used.

Vernon PD: LTD/CV's used Smith & Wesson's in Red+Blue don't know what the first aero vics used.

All the rest of them I cannot confirm.
12 strobe bar.


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Yes Sir, custom made by Whelen with LED cruise corners, center lights, never mounted on municipal vehicle, used for short time on parade car. Kept in collection since then. MINT MINT MINT
Most agencies here were using Liberties at the time. My city was an outlier using Freedom's until the PIU's.

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