Wanted: Modern custom lightbar - all TD w/rear traffic director

Looking for an oddball. I'm guessing it'll have to be a liberty due to modularity.

Looking for full size lightbar with brackets for a crown Victoria.

Front - All TD - All white
Rear - Amber traffic director - rear brake/turn towards end. Bonus if duo white/amber to the rear with white steady burn and red/amber duo for brake/traffic director.

Alleys - brightest white you can get.

I don't need anything flashing other than the TA to the rear.
I think your best bet would be to have Joseph Perry to build it for you. He is @Ranger-Services.com here and also at https://jperrylighting.com/
Ranger can at least supply the parts and you put it together. I think either way, getting a hold of J Perry is a great idea. It's going to be a one-stop shop for the parts you need. When I need to rebuild an edge or similar bar, that's my first stop, At least my first stop after my own piles of parts.
DUO Legacy would do that, unless you can't have available Red/Blue at all ...

with a used one, you could swap one Amber/Blue rear section with a Amber/Red rear section and have those brake lights on the "Blue Side", too.

is there a DUO Liberty like that?

Makes me think of this


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