Customized mini liberty and lin18 question.


i Have 2 mini liberty frames on hand, one I am going to trade for some parts and the other I was going to save. I am trying to get enough parts to build a particular rear directional set of mini liberties for the back of a fire truck. So I thought I would throw some light heads in one and maybe get enough cash out of it to buy 2 more frames and have some money towards the inner parts that I need for the project. I started digging through parts. At first I was doing justice heads then changed my mind. So I ended up pulling the original flasher board s and replacing with a larger whelen board that actually had more than one flash pattern unlike the board d that was in the bar.
I remembered having some red corners So I wired up the brain and put a center rear red amber duo lin12 light head in the bar. I was originally going to put 2 of the small led lights from a justice bar and one take down in the center front. There was just enough room. Then I decided just to do 2 lr11 take downs instead since the brain does have flashing options for the take downs.
Last but not least, I slid the corners in without really even looking st them. I have a wire set up on the bar that has one wire for steady take downs, one wire for quick strobe like flashing take downs, two wires to activate different light heads and a pattern change wire. I tested it before I put the lenses on and couldn’t believe how unbelievably bright that it was. I looked closer at the corners s and realized they had 18 diodes instead of 12. I did some research on eBay and did not see many or hardly any solid color, single connection lin18 light heads.
Are they uncommon? I know there is a lot of duo lin18 heads. I really wanted to put some alleys or small justice heads (can’t remember what they are called) in the sides since I have 4 of them, but I need them for another project. But I can’t believe the warning power that these lightheads and this minibar has. It was awsome. (The bar is currently on eBay for sale with other options listed available, some free, some cost extra)
So my question is why do I not see many of these for sale in single color?
And also wouldn’t mind your thoughts on the bar it’s self. I will post a video if I can figure out how.
(Goin to clean up th lenses and add more pics later) and hopefully a video


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