Dash light less than $100


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Feb 21, 2011
I am a PO and have been authorized for emergency lighting for emergency response to the station.

I would like to spend less than $100 and would like a simple dash light or visor light.

I won't be using this light often so am not concerned about 360 degree visibility. I don't need flashing headlights, etc. A simple dash light or visor light would be enough to get me to the station quickly and safely.

I'm thinking about strobe vs halogen vs LED.

I like the look of strobe and think it has a nice punch. It's probably less effective during daylight hours. For strobe, I was thinking about the visor light Whelen Flatlighter.

For halogen, I was looking at the Code 3 DashLaser with the attached mirror/reflector. A thousand flashes per minute sounds nice.

For LED, I'm not sure what to think. I know there's some awesome LED dashlights like the Tomar 200S but it's a lot more than $100. It seems like the LED's have the smallest profile and would be the most inconspicuous when not used but they're a lot pricier than I was looking to spend. To get the equivalent brightness of the strobe and halogen options, would I need to spend the equivalent of the price of the 200s?

I'm open to other options and suggestions. All input and advice would be greatly appreciated.

Richard P

May 23, 2010
Sudbury, On
The Firebeam is the best for Halogen, you can snap on front and rear filters for split front/rear colors. If the ultraflash dash mirror is too big, The firebeam fits PERFECTLY into the SVP 4 flash mirror. Plus you can velcro the mirror to the dash, and magnet the light to the mirror, so you can easily toss the light on the roof. You can also get the SVP windshield mount metal dash bracket to velcro/magnetically mount any beacon to your dash and now move by suction on the windshield. the mirror and bracket are a great price from *****************. You can get the firebeams anywhere.

LED, the new SVP versastar LED window light is extremly small and bright, fits in your palm and is just under $100, also available at *****************


Jun 15, 2010
MWC said:
For halogen, I was looking at the Code 3 DashLaser with the attached mirror/reflector. A thousand flashes per minute sounds nice.

To maintain the effectiveness of the mirror I recommend using the standard speed motor - the flashes are more effective with increased "on" time than with increased flash rate. 500 longer flashes is better than 1000 quick and brief flashes of equal intensity.


May 21, 2010
South Eastern PA
For a halogen dashlight I have used a Firebeam and like it.

For LED I have a Whelen SpitFire Plus that is small and bright with a lot of flash patterns.


May 24, 2010
get in touch with 911 , you can probably get 2 dual head led lights for around 110$ , his aurora leds are pretty bright and affordable

HFD eng1ine

Jul 27, 2010
Essex County. MA
i was thinking a mini phantom but definatly go with a talon. Mini phantoms arent bad but seriously they dont impress me too much


May 27, 2010
US Florida
If you search the threads, you can get many used Dual Talons with all hardware and mounting for around $100. Great lights for the money in my opinion.


May 20, 2010
Sorry to be office topic, but why do you need to respond to the station as a cop? If I need to be there asap, they are going to give me a take home, otherwise, I am coming like anyone else.

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